The Ruby Holland Scholarship award for college or university studies has been established to provide educational assistance to deserving high school seniors from Orange and Seminole counties in Florida. Monetary awards will be based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Awards are funded through individual donations, and fundraiser events.

The Foundation is committed to ensure that our aspiring musician-artists within our community, are encouraged to apply for a financial assistance scholarship.

Scholarship winners are invited to a special recognition and award ceremony hosted by the Foundation and Board Members. The event is held the 3rd Sunday evening month of October.


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By signing this application, I fully accept and agree to the following: I have read and agreed to the Ruby Holland Foundation (RHFA) College Scholarship Terms and Conditions, deadlines and policies. I confirm that I would like to apply for the RHFA College Scholarship and acknowledge but that the award is at the discretion of RHFA.

I understand that the information in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the audition recording submitted with the application is my own unedited performance.  Applicants are expected to adhere to basic standards of honesty and character.

I release RHFA, and its agents and employees, from all claims, demands, and causes of action because of any injury, illness, or loss which may occur during my participation in the music competition. RHFA is not responsible for safeguard of the instruments or personal objects. By registering for the RHFA music competition, I acknowledge that I grant permission to the RHFA to use any photograph or video containing my likeness. Such images may be used for promotional, news, research or educational purposes. I agree to all statements made above.


How should I submit the completed application form? Is there an online portal or mailing address?

Application process is paperless.    It is set up to be an electronic process that is user friendly and easy to accommodate.    Log on to website then click the tab that says “I want to apply for the music competition” 

What is the deadline for submitting the scholarship application?

This information is available on the ‘Landing Page ‘for the RHFA Website under “Important Dates” 

Can you provide more details about the required transcripts, including to whom I should send them, and any specific guidelines?

Scholarships are awarded to applicants based on

Can you provide more details about the required transcripts, including to whom i should send them, and any specific guidelines?

The information does not mention specific details about required transcripts. It’s advisable to contact the foundation at for clarification on whether transcripts are required, to whom they should be sent, and any specific guidelines.

Could you explain the eligibility criteria, such as the academic record, financial need, and U.S. citizenship requirement in more detail?

Eligibility criteria include students between the ages of 18 and 22 who are currently enrolled and attending college in the United States. For detailed information on eligibility criteria, it’s recommended to contact the foundation at

Are there specific guidelines for the brief biography, including information about career goals?

It would be advisable to contact the foundation at for more specific instructions.