Institutional Giving

The Foundation offers programs that support musician-artists at the local - state of Florida, National and Global levels. We provide opportunities for students not only to expand, develop and refine skills in music through competitions and summer music festivals, but also take them to the final cumulative step of college by helping provide financial assistance for tuition.

Summer and college scholarship programs provide opportunities for students within the Florida communities to have the opportunity for advanced studies in music. The potential for our ‘hands to be full’ lies right here in the state of Florida. There are approximately, 4,517 public schools and 2, 367 private schools in Florida with a student population of approximately 2,692,162 plus, and music is an integral part of the curriculum for each of these schools.The Ruby Holland Foundation through its programs offers an extended opportunity for all students studying music, whether it is through public or private education.

In 2018 we presented the summer studies program to 1 chartered Florida School for the Arts, and based on this presentation, we received 10 applications for summer studies scholarship awards for 2020. We were only able to provide 1 scholarship due to budget restrictions.

The success gained in this first initiative of 2018 to award 3 scholarships for youths to attend the Orfeo Music Festival was only possible through the rigorous fundraiser events of both the foundation and parent-community involvement. Great news is that the guidance, training and support from this experience have had positive and rewarding consequences. Results: College (2020) - 1 youth accepted for undergraduate studies in music engineering, Stetson University; 1 prepared and ready to apply for College (2021) Music Education major, and lastly 1 music minor College (2021).

Financial support is needed for all our programs. To encourage musicians trapped within the current change in the landscape of our music industry, the foundation have added an annual music competition challenge which supports the platform for virtual performances and coaching. This is an exciting venture which we know will be a beacon of light and encouragement to the vast population of talented young musicians. Applications will run through the months of September through October 26th, 2020 for the 2021 program. We more than ever need your support.

With your support of the Ruby Holland Foundation, you will be helping to ensure that these programs continue to develop and grow. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a variety of levels and include valuable benefits such as onstage presentations, private performances, prominent recognition and more.

For further information on supporting the Ruby Holland Foundation Corporate Partnership, contact:

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