This program offers a tuition and board award for international summer studies programs geared towards advanced music studies and career development, and is paid directly to the Music Festival organization on behalf of awardee

Tuition and board paid directly to the institution.
Programs offered in Italy, Switzerland, or France

The Foundation is committed to ensure that aspiring musician-artists are encouraged to apply for financial assistance scholarships. Applications are accepted from October 26th of any given year through midnight of December 30th of same year.

The “Studies Abroad Program” of the Ruby Holland Foundation was established in 2017. Funds were raised primarily from a Retirement Benefit Concert held at the Dr. Philips Center for the Arts. Additional monies were raised from small concerts at shopping mall, bake sales, a GoFundMe campaign and individual solicitations from within the community and among friends of the foundation. In 2018, the foundation was able to fund 3 students to attend the Orfeo Music Festival in Vipiteno, Italy.

Scholarship Awards for the foundation’s study abroad program pay for tuition and board only. Awards are based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Students and their respective families are encouraged and given tips on how to fundraise for the student’s individual airfare costs. THE FOUNDATION DOES NOT COVER TRANSPORTATION EXPENSES. . The purpose of this program is to help strengthen, nurture and enhance music education skills that set the foundation for future career development growth. Furthermore, it is the position of the foundation that it is a character-building opportunity for students to share a small degree of responsibility in this collaborative venture.


Timelines and Deadlines:

October 26th - December 30th: accepting scholarship applications

(Important cut off for application deadline is before midnight of the 12/30)

January 15th -31st Selected applicants to submit short video recording performance of 2 contrasting pieces of repertoire for consideration.

February 19th:Deadline for applicants to email festival application to RHF Headquarters

March 1st – 24th: Applications mailed to International Festival Headquarters.

Note: Individual students are responsible to pay the Festival Application Fee.

March 24th – 31st Applicant informed of application status

April 7th – 30th All tuition payment due for Festival participation

For answers to any questions, please contact info@rubyhollandfoundation.org