Please read the guidelines carefully before beginning your application for the Ruby Holland Foundation International Music Competition.


All candidates are required to pay in USD $. The application fee is non-refundable and is accepted by credit card only through the Foundation’s application platform.

Thanks to the generosity of donors of the foundation, application fees will be waived for the candidates from the following countries:

  • Ukraine
  • Israel
  • Palestine
  • Ugando
  • Congo

To obtain this exemption, please send proof of eligibility (i.e., a scan of your passport, a letter with proof or residency or citizenship. Email to address: info@rubyholIandfoundation.orq


Please submit form with your Application Fee
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All asterisked areas indicate information must be filled in

If there is no zip code then please write "no" in the field.

Parent Information: (if the applicant is under 18 years old)

Application Requirements

  1. Registration Fee – required and paid with application.    
  2. Video audition – please refer to the audition video submission requirements.
  3. Candidates who fail to submit their videos before the video submission deadline will be disqualified
  4. Repertoire list – 2 contrasting pieces ONLY
  5. Please choose repertoire that is well prepared and that shows your highest level of technique and musicality
  6. High Resolution headshot required. Minimum 300 dpi.  No T-Shirts please!   Remember, should you place in the competition, the photo you submitted will be published on all social media and the foundation website. (Professional photography not required)
  7. Total duration of Video Recordings:
    • a. Junior: 6 minutes – not to exceed 8 minutes
    • b. Youth: 8 minutes – not to exceed 10 minutes
    • c. Collegiate: 10 minutes not to exceed 15 minutes
    • d. Professional:15 minutes not to exceed 20 minutes
    • e. Ensemble: 15 minutes not to exceed 20
  8. iPhone videos are accepted as long as the audio and video are clear

(See video submission guides for RHFA Music Competition)

Memorization:  Annual Gala Concert Performances

Concert Performance: Memorization is mandatory (except in the case when one is performing a highly obscure contemporary piece of music – where you can contact us by email to apply for a grant of exemption from memorization)

Ensembles,: Memorization is not compulsory.

Music Scores: Participants are required to submit electronic copies of their scores within 3 days of their application. It is the responsibility for the applicant to submit their scores on time.

 Ruby Holland Music Competition will not remind applicants about the submission of their scores.
Failure to submit scores on time will lead to disqualification.
Please do not mail in any physical scores. Scores should only be submitted in pdf format.

All music scores are to be submitted by email to this email address:
In the email, please indicate the name of the applicant, name of the repertoire and attach the electronic score document (in pdf format).

One application per instrument.
Candidates are required to make a second application (with payment for each application) should they wish to compete in another instrument or genre category.Candidates who fail to submit their videos before the video submission deadline will be disqualified.  
All application fees submitted are non-refundable.


By signing this application, I fully accept and agree to the following: I have read and agreed to the Ruby Holland Foundation (RHFA) Music Competition Terms and Conditions, deadlines and policies. I confirm that I would like to participate in the Ruby Holland Foundation International Music Competition, but that acceptance is at the discretion of RHFA.

I understand that the information in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the audition recording submitted with the application is my own unedited performance. I also understand that applicants are required to follow the competition’s regulations, RHFA reserves the right to terminate applicant from participation in the competition due to violation of RHFA regulations and there will be no refund of fees paid. Applicants are expected to adhere to basic standards of honesty and character. Plagiarism, dishonesty and cheating in RHFA music competitions are prohibited and will result in terminating the applicant’s participation. I understand that registration fee is due at the time registration is submitted. Registration fees are non-refundable.

I release RHFA, and its agents and employees, from all claims, demands, and causes of action because of any injury, illness, or loss which may occur during my participation in the music competition. RHFA is not responsible for safeguard of the instruments or personal objects. By registering for the RHFA music competition, I acknowledge that I grant permission to the RHFA to use any photograph or video containing my likeness. Such images may be used for promotional, news, research or educational purposes. I agree to all statements made above.


Are there any fees associated with the application process, and how can I pay them?

Yes, there is a fee required to register for the competition. Please click the link below for access to fee table. For additional information, you may contact administration at:

May I apply to the competition on multiple instruments and categories, or should I choose one instrument, 1 category?

Yes, if you play 2 instruments (for example: violin and piano), you may apply on both instruments. However, each application will be considered as a separate transaction and applicable and separate fees will be calculated.

Do I need to perform from memory for the audition?

Yes. Your audition tape is not considered a ‘preliminary round’ submission. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills and accomplishments. Memorization is therefore important and mandatory.  Repertoire being submitted for audition should be ones that you have mastered and memorized.

Do I need a professional studio quality audio and video recording?

While you want to create the best audio/visual possible, you may use whatever device you have available to you. Keep in mind that you’ll want to use good lighting so we can see you and a quiet room with no distractions so we can hear you clearly. See instructions on how to videotape your audition performance.

Can I begin my application one day and come back the next?

Yes, you may begin your application and come back at a later date or time to complete. Your information will be saved for you to submit prior to the final deadline.

When will I find out the results?

Results are usually available 3rd weekend month of July and will be sent out via email.

Does RHFA offer audition feedback with the results?

Each contestant audition video performance is assessed independently by a team of 4 – 5 jurors. All juror scores are tabulated for each individual and assessment concluded. Unfortunately, for administrative reasons, RHFA does not offer audition feedback. However, after the competition, a great opportunity for one-on-one coaching and feedback is offered our 1st – 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Is there benefit to applying even if I did not make it as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention winner?

Yes, musicians may still be informed of eligible programs offered by RHFA. You may be asked to apply for our scholarship program for summer music studies.

For winners who are invited to perform at the RHFA Annual Gala event, are there other activities that are available for participants?

Yes, because the RHFA Competition we work to maintain a holistic experience for our contestants. One that is intended to enhance and enrich their musical development and open up a gateway to a possible career path through each of our programs. These may include one-on-one masterclasses, through our ‘study abroad’ summer music study opportunity, panel discussions.

How do I submit my application materials, and what is the deadline for submission?

Please refer to information on the below link. The information link will apprise you of all requirements and deadlines.

What are the criteria for judging the competition, and who are the judges?

1: Participants will be judged based on age and experience (duration of study of their instrument

2: Judges on the RHFA faculty are established and internationally known music professors and performers.   See –

Is attendance at the Annual Fundraiser Gala Event in Orlando, Florida mandatory for all applicants, or is it optional?

Attendance at the Annual Fundraiser Gala Event is not mandatory but suggested. Contestant have the opportunity to perform with faculty, on stage recognition and the opportunity to enter the annual drawing for a scholarship of $1,000USD to attend an international music festival or scholarship for college studies.

What are the prizes for each division, and what additional recognition do winners receive?

Prizes vary based on the division. For example, in the Junior Division, the 1st Place winner receives a $100 cash prize and a Medal of Excellence. Additionally, first prize winners are invited to perform the ‘OPENING NUMBER’ at the Annual Gala Fundraiser Concert.

How does the Ahtram Ybur Certificate of Distinction relate to the competition?

Each First Prize winner, in addition to the monetary award, receives the foundation’s most prestigious Laureate Award – the Ahtram Ybur Certificate of Distinction. This certificate symbolizes strength, wisdom, creativity, perseverance, and vision.

Can international applicants participate, and are there specific tax rules for non-US residents?

Yes! The competition is open globally to all who can and would like to participate. It is the individual taxpayer’s responsibility to report any prizes won over $50.00 in value. No reporting by the prize awarding organization will be required under $600.00 in total prizes to an individual. For U.S.A. residents, the fair market value of the prize should be entered into the winner’s own tax reporting form 1040 on line 21.

If I have won a 1st place award in a previous competition, am I still eligible to apply for this one?

No, 1st place winners of a division may not re-apply for that division.

However, honorable mention, 2nd place, 3rd place, winners may re-apply if they have not placed 1st in that specific division.

Is there a contact email or resource for further questions and clarifications regarding the competition?

Yes, for further questions and clarifications, you can contact administration at

How should I submit the completed application form, and where to send it?

You can now submit your application electronically. The completed application form must be postmarked by midnight on March 24th of your high school graduation year. It is not explicitly mentioned where to send the electronic application, so it’s recommended to reach out to the foundation at for specific details on the submission process.

What is the deadline for submitting the scholarship application, and are there any specific dates outlined on the application form?

The application must be postmarked by midnight on March 24th of your high school graduation year. There are specific dates outlined on the application form, and it is crucial to adhere to these deadlines.

How should I ensure that my letters of recommendation are sent? Is there a specific process for this?

Letters of recommendation should be mailed directly to the Ruby Holland Foundation at the provided address: Ruby Holland Foundation, 3613 E. Lina Lane, Apopka, FL 32703-6120. It’s advisable to inform your recommenders about this address and ensure that they are sent in a timely manner.

Can students from outside Orange or Seminole county apply for this scholarship, or is it limited to residents of these areas?

The eligibility criteria state that applicants must be residents of Orange or Seminole county. It is not specified whether students from outside these areas are eligible. For clarification, you can contact the foundation at

Is there a limit to the number of scholarships awarded each year, and how competitive is the selection process?

The information does not specify a limit on the number of scholarships awarded each year. The competitiveness of the selection process is not explicitly mentioned. For more details on the selection process and the number of scholarships awarded, it’s recommended to contact the foundation.

Are there any specific guidelines for the 3-minute video if I become a finalist, including the questions to be answered?

If you become a finalist, you will be notified and asked to provide a 3-minute video. The specific questions to be answered on the video will be communicated to you at that time. The general guidance for the video is to introduce yourself, state your name, age, high school, career choice for college studies, and explain how the scholarship will help you.

Can students from outside Florida apply for this scholarship, or is it limited to Florida residents?

The information does not explicitly state whether students from outside Florida can apply. It is recommended to contact the foundation at for clarification on eligibility for out-of-state students.

Can you provide more details about the personal video-taped recording that is required for submission by finalists - what questions should I cover in the taped recording?

Your video-taped recording must be 2-3 minutes long. Introduce yourself by stating your name, age, and high school. State your career choice for college studies and explain how the scholarship will help you. This recording will be emailed to the committee if you become a finalist.

Is there any additional information or guidelines regarding the required photograph, including size and quality?

The information does not provide specific details about the photograph, including size and quality. It’s advisable to contact the foundation at for any additional guidelines or requirements related to the photograph.

Could you explain the eligibility criteria in more detail, such as the academic record, financial need, and U.S. citizenship requirement?

The eligibility criteria include factors such as academic record, financial need, U.S. citizenship, and residency in Orange or Seminole county. Detailed information on academic requirements, specific financial criteria, and other eligibility details is not explicitly provided. For more specific details, you can contact the foundation at

Are there specific guidelines for the brief letter explaining why I want to attend the Music Festival and how it can benefit me?

The information provided does not include guidelines for a brief letter related to attending a Music Festival. It seems there might be a mix-up in the content. If you have such a letter requirement, it’s recommended to refer to the specific instructions provided or contact the foundation for clarification.