The influence of Ruby’s Legacy

A lesson learned from the late Ruby Holland is that ‘no child should ever be deprived the opportunity to learn music. She saw music ‘as a divine gift that should be available to all regardless of economic need, status, or race, and that every child possesses unearthed natural musical talents and that it is our mandate as music educators to help provide them with a gateway to achieving their full potential.

So, from its establishment, the Ruby Holland Foundation has been committed to help open up “gateways of opportunities” for young musicians on three open levels of need.

First, the under-served and under-resourced youths who have had exposure to music in the primary school system but who have not had the opportunity to advance into a more permanent and growth generating platform in music education.

Next, those students who are in formal private lessons but have never had the opportunity for exposure to horizon building experiences of summer music studies, all because of economic constraints.

Finally, the college student, who has the talent and drive and has made music a career choice but due to socioeconomic conditions, has need for financial support.

From its formation in 2017, the Foundation has provided scholarships for summer studies for young people who have great talent and drive. Mirco grants or ‘seed money’ for those in college with authentic projects that need small funding. In addition, we have open opportunities for mentorship and coaching by a faculty of master teachers that is second to none.

Students who receive support form the Ruby Holland Foundation are from both the primary or grammar levels, through high school and college age students. They represent an array of socio-economic backgrounds – from the single parent household or from families who are simply trying to make ends meet.

The Ruby Holland Foundation is honored to be able to open doors of music education, travel, coaching, enlightenment and experiences to those that may never have thought it possible.

The Ruby Holland Foundation for the Arts was formally established in 2006 in honor and memory of our mother Martha Ruby Holland (Educator, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian)

Motto: “Equality in opportunity for music education”