Assel Jean-Pierre Jr is a Haitian American New York native. He is a speaker, a professional pianist with a BM in Classical Piano and a MA in Jazz and composition from the University of Central Florida, a producer, and author. He is married to the beautiful Genevieve Jean-Pierre, and the father of his baby boy, Saphir Jean-Pierre.

He is a multi-talented young man who uses his God-given talents to better his community, all for God’s glory. He is a performer, producer and speaker. He serves as a pianist, music director, and choir director at various churches. He is also an audio engineer, and songwriter for JPSonic Studios. He has three albums out, Hymns of Meditation for the Soul Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and A Christmas Story by the Jean-Pierre Pianists, and is currently working on various projects with multiple artists.

He is also the producer of the live performance show, The Jean-Pierre Pianists Show. He recently released his first book, Purity for the Mind, Body and Soul, a 21-Day Purity fast. His goals are to do whatever God calls him to do at the highest level. To make the most out of his God-given talent and hard work, but most importantly, to follow wherever God leads him.