Dr. Chet bahadursingh


“Dr. Chet Bahadursingh: A life Composed in Service and Music”

Dr. Chet Bahdursingh, a distinguished medical practitioner, and a passionate patron of the arts, has dedicated his life to healing and harmonizing the world around him.  Born and raised in Guyana, South America, Dr. Bahadursingh’s journey took him across the world to India to pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor and later to Scotland to become a surgeon.

After completing his medical studies, he embarked on a remarkable career that took him across borders, from the hostpitals of Guyana to the bustling medical centers of Trinidad and Barbados and eventually returning home to retire.  In each place, Dr. Bahadursingh’s dedication to his patients and unwavering committment to healthcare left an indelible mark on the communities he served.

But Dr. Bahadursingh’s contributions extend far beyond the medical realm.  Throughout his life, he has harbored a profound love for classical music, a passion that has struck a harmonious chord with his medical career.  His evenings were often filled with the soothing strains of Mozart and Beethoven, and his weekends found him enjoying symphonic performances and chamber music concerts.

Yet, Dr. Bahadursingh’s greatest composition remains his family.  He is a proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather, finding joy in the harmonious tapestry of generations that he has nurtured and watched flourish.  His love for classical misc has transcended time, echoing through the lives of his descendants who share his appreciation for the art form.

In celebration of his life’s work and unwavering committment to both medicine and music, Dr. Chet Bahadursingh established a musical scholarship to nurture yound talents, ensuring that the world will continue to resonate with the beauty of classical melodies for generations to come.  His legacy, as both a healer and a guardian of music, is a testament to a life well-lived, composed of passion, dedication, and a lifelong love of the arts.

Many thanks to the children and respective families of Dr. Chet Bahadursingh for establishing the Annual Music Studies Scholarship Award in honor of their father.


Dr. Sunita Bahadursingh, doctor of Medicine, her spouse, psychiatrist Dr. Brian Fagan, General Practitioner and children – Dr. Shauna Trayer and spouse, Dr. James Trayer and Brian Fagan.
Dr. Anil Bahadursingh, surgeon and spouse, Judge Lauren Tran and children.


Mala Bahadursingh Wigley, Esq., and spouse John Wigley, Esq. and Anju Wigley.


Ravi Bahadursingh, Esq., and spouse Nasreen Bahadursingh, Esq.


Mrs. Eva Rawana-Scott, Esq. with her sons Ravi and Anil.