imani c

Ouachita Hills College, Amity, AR
Undergraduate – BA Music and Education

I remember the first time that I walked into Mrs. Elizabeth’s studio. Wearing my navy and khaki school uniform, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I met the woman who would change my life. Growing up in a musical family, playing the piano was non-negotiable, and through the years I often recoiled at the thought of theory, sight-reading, and performance. Though spending many hours in practice was not my first choice of a pastime, I knew that it was a good idea not to disappoint Mrs. E (as many of her students refer to her). Everyone understood her expectations in regards to practice!!

Over time, however, music became consuming to me. Practice sessions were a regular habit, and after I had completed my studies with the Ruby Holland School of Music, a gaping hole formed in my day-to-day life. Then, in 2018, I had the opportunity to travel with the Ruby Holland Foundation to attend the Orfeo Music Festival in Vipiteno, Italy. Traveling abroad brought me sights and sounds that shaped my perception of the world, and the consistency in discipline required to play an instrument taught me the value of hard work and time management skills. I experienced the joy of collaborating with other musicians in chamber music, and this became my dream to continue in this direction. Therefore, when the time came for me to choose where to further my education, attending Ouachita Hills College to study Music and Education was the natural next step.

In College, I've been allowed to use music for personal fulfillment, professional gain, and most importantly, for ministry. I have seen firsthand how music reaches the darkest of hearts and lifts them to see the meaning and beauty of life.

My musical journey continues to flourish. In December 2021 I was awarded an RHFA Microgrant which has allowed me the opportunity to diversify my musical education by providing viola lessons.

In music, I have found my life work, my ministry, and my calling.

Where words fail, music speaks.~Hans Christian Andersen