Ruby Holland Foundation

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Hello supporters and friends of the Ruby Holland Foundation, welcome to a new month filled with new hope as we steadfastly and prayerfully stride daily in this our brave new world. COVID-19 has now touched every aspect of our lives in so many ways Many have Lost relatives, friends, partners, and children. Too much pain and heartbreak
We at the Ruby Holland Foundation would like to express our love and care for all who have suffered loss and are experiencing difficulties during these testing times. You may agree with me that tribulation although super painful can at most times be a catalyst in the development of great inner strength. We have all been forced to really reflect and learn from our condition and experiences during this time of quiet and adjust to our ‘new normal’. Amid this mayhem, we at the foundation had to seriously examine our plans for this year’s summer program which would allow for a favorable solution for all parties.
We had not long ago officially given honor to our 2020 RHFA Scholarship winner. We all celebrated on December 15th last year, at our Annual Fundraiser Concert receiving great support from The Woman's Club of Winter Park.

Vera Owiredu Baffour

Vera Owiredu Baffour was presented, and she performed for us all. She was then all set to begin studies in Italy for 2 weeks at the Orfeo Music Festival in Vipiteno, then the virus raised his ugly head. Good news .... is that her award stands strong, and we look forward to the unlimited possibilities of 2021!! Please join me in congratulating Vera. Share and show some love for this young lady. She is deserving of this opportunity and recognition. Congratulations Vera, keep up your focus and practice and be ready for next year.